NUOVA RET SRL, always on your side...

Nuova Ret Srl is an OEM company born in 1980, but its founders have been working in the standard components for mould and dies since the early 60's. The solid presence of our company in the market and the experience of its founders allow Nuova Ret Srl to boast a deep knowledge in its characteristics and a complete know how of the production techniques. testata
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For these reasons Nuova Ret Srl has been able to reach high quality standard levels in the production of “standard components for moulds and dies”, especially for specific items such as PUNCHES DIN 9861 and ISO 8020 and EJECTOR PINS DIN 1530 D/A/AH and CH. Nuova Ret Srl is praised to be the main Italian producer of those items with more than 1.000.000 pieces sold all over the Country. The quality of our products is internationally recognized, in fact we have been dealing with the International market since the very beginning of our activity.

Our production offers a wide range of products complementary for mould and dies, for both plastic and steel. In this way we can meet all of our customers’ requests offering a top quality service. We can offer also customized products based on drawings provided by customers, thanks to the constant innovation of our machineries and to the skills of our technical department. Furthermore we offer products suitable for both National and International market. copertina catalogo nuovaret

All these elements make Nuova Ret Srl extremely competitive in the standard components market, but our strength is based on building a long lasting and trustworthy relation with our customers offering always the best solution to their needs.

Our primary aim is to offer a high quality service based on quality, variety, rapidity and best prices. Our company is therefore always focused on customers' requirements and on the technological evolutions, in order to create the perfect synergy.